James E. Taylor | The Artist

Mr. Taylor is significant for his historical contributions of art.  His works depicts him as being employed as a field artist, during the American Civil War.  After serving his country during the Civil War, this artist began working for the Frank Leslie magazine.  Later in his life, Mr. Taylor continued his craft by operating as a consultant.

At one point he was commissioned, to use his unique skills for a new customer.  So in 1892, he was hired to reflect on his mature mind.  He was challenged to describe our American way of life back in 1863. This request was completed with two distinct titles, from which his customer could choose. These two titles are as follows, The Condition of 1863 or “Appealing to be allowed to help for the Union”.

What a wonderful reason which explains why he created this historical print.  He reminds us that we had a successful Black family lifestyle during those war years.  Shown is an honorable Blackman sacrificing his family life, to fight for the Union.

In the background of his print, Mr. Taylor shows Confederate and Black Union troops engaging in battle.   A Black Union troop Battle flag shows “USCT”.  This acronym stands for the “United States Colored Troops”.

In 1995, I received a family heirloom of this print by James E. Taylor, for personal ownership. I maintained this print without any public display until 2007.  During many years of research about my print, it was never listed as Broken Shackles.  My only public display was for a PBS show, in which I shared it with the crew for its historical importance. This crew was also taping for a pending documentary show.

In conclusion, you can invest in our product, which has the authentic names for this print.  I have shared the original storyline that you the customer can embrace.  This print has a treasure of reality, which will inspire all conscious minded people. That Blackman in this print with outstretched arms was not pleading for help from the government.  His behavior demonstrated his keen awareness of those times and for his bravery.

Was it necessary for him to have broken his shackles to be emancipated or because he was emancipated, that caused him to act?  So was he free or seeking his freedom?  Is there any form of slavery, based only on physical bondage or is it a combination of the mind and body?

This is a first quality reproduction produced for our interested customers. These limited edition copies are listed with serial numbers 001-100 only.

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