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Shaw Family House Print

The Shaw Family House on Staten Island, New York

Our print is symbolic of a look back, into the lifestyle of a progressive family. Inside these walls is where I experienced some unique experiences. This Shaw family was instrumental, in moving our American freedoms forward.

This print also personalizes my inspiration for making an historic speech on July 18, 2013. The name of my speech is “The Missing Prayer of July 17, 1863”. My delivery was to announce a message given to me, by George Shaw. This new insight indicated another reason, why the 54th regiment, charged Fort Wagner, July 18, 1863.

Francis Shaw mandated to the Union Military Superiors. That he desired for his son, Colonel Robert G. Shaw, to be buried with his men of the 54th. That Colonel Shaw set forth a standard for military integration and a greater respect for American soldiers. History sadly reveals that it was in 1948, when America realized an obvious oversight.

Just a reminder that our current history of the Shaw family, is always associated with their Boston connection. As a Staten Islander, I have been on a personal campaign, to expand on the accuracy of an American family.