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Armstrong Autographed Bulletin


Hello Dolly, this is Louis Dolly

This man, Louis Armstrong was a great musician but an even greater Humanitarian. He was blessed to navigate our international community with a smile and a song. In addition to his international fortune and fame, Mr. Armstrong enjoyed a humble lifestyle. He lived and relaxed in the Corona, Queens Area of New York City. Once at home Louis would socialize with his friends and neighbors.

During 1967 Mr. Armstrong visited their local church, which was celebrating its 50th Anniversary. The Corona Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ is where he autographed a copy of the Church Program Bulletin.
Four years later Louis Armstrong died and his funeral services were conducted at the same church. On July 6, 1971 he revisited his local church for the last time. Many members of the International community attended his last service.

The Time Check Company is honored to sell his autographed copy of that Program Bulletin. Please consider this treasure for your personal collection.

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