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I salute all World War Two Veterans for protecting America and themselves.   We honor you for offering our international community, a better world to live in.  Recalling those killing fields, that took the lives of our brave soldiers.  It was often our heroic medics that saved the lives of those wounded soldiers.  In some cases they provided medical care for those prisoners, liberated from concentration camps throughout Europe.  Many of those Jewish people are still living today.

Recently I read a story commemorating the 70th anniversary about the D-Day invasion of France, on June 6, 1944.  Meanwhile in New York City, an auction house sold a flag from one of those invading ships, for $350,000.00.  It was clear how this unique flag was nostalgic and deserved such recognition.

The Time Check Company has a living document that sheds light on those years of war.  This item revealed that a commanding Colonel of the 131st General Hospital (Somewhere in England), had extended a Christmas party invitation to his men.  As I reviewed their dinner menu, these men experienced a grand Christmas party.

At some time of this event, over twenty-five attendees signed their names and addresses on a Christmas card.  What they accomplished was to certify their heroics for us to approve, seventy years later.

Our company is pleased to offer this commemorative artifact with honor. To remember those men that has passed on and for those men still living with this history.  These brave men with medical skills helped to sustain life, for those Jewish people escaping the brink of death.

We would feel selfish by maintaining this historical artifact within our inventory.  There must be a greater platform to share such history.  Whether you are a movie producer or a museum curator, please consider purchasing our product.