Our main mission is to stimulate the intellectual and conscious mind. We will provide each customer, an opportunity to maintain some of America’s DNA.  In todays’ society, we often glorify those persons with titles associated with their names.  This website will give an ordinary citizen a chance to be heard.  Plus, your investments will offer you an extraordinary experience, as a curator to family and friends.

Please purchase our products for a spiritual factor and not just a commercial reason.  Just understand that within your hands is an American story.  Many items carry an historical span over a century and beyond.  Some may be more recent,  however just as important, depending on the nature of the event at large.  Do not hesitate to explore the value of these offerings, in researching prior to investing.

On our news and media page, you will be assisted in your research by viewing some videos and narratives.  Should you find that you are unable to invest currently, please revisit at another time!