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This blog is designed to offer a platform for those individuals with a unique American history experience.

For example, I lived in the house of Francis George Shaw on Staten Island, New York. Mr. Shaw was a wealthy abolitionists and social reformer during the 18th century. His family members also contributed to the progressive fabric of America life. Their son, Colonel Robert G. Shaw led the infamous 54th regiment volunteers during the Civil War. These men established a new view of African Americans involvement on the battlefields.

While living in this household, I was introduced to the spirit of Mr. Shaw. His specific message to me was to correct his sons’ legacy of how it should read. Today we often read the title, Colonel Shaw and the 54th regiment. This title separates his son from his men. The historical fact is that Mr. Shaw was honored. That his son was buried with some of his brave men. The only respectable title should be, Colonel Shaw with the 54th regiment.

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